She doesn’t simply talk about doing it – she has DONE it. She believes you should speak based upon experience, not opinion…through immense trials and 20 years of branding experience, she has grown her company to be respected as the premier personal and corporate branding group in the US. Each keynote and training session is built on content that has been tested, tried and lived —not simply read about in a book. Brand may be a hot topic today, but Mila has been talking about brand for over 15 years.

Forty years of life with eighty years of experience in leadership, branding, marketing, coaching and entrepreneurship in a time when the world is changing at breakneck speed – she has been tested, tried and built from years of doing the work rather than simply reading about it.


Thousands of keynotes and training sessions over the past 15 years, Mila delivers her information in an engaging way, reading the audience reactions in real time in order to create an experience for each specific group. The goal with each keynote is to connect with the audience, take questions, work through current challenges audience members may be going through and provide them immediate answers for solutions.


Brand drives everything, all success, and each topic under the corporate or personal brand umbrella is more important than ever for each individual and company. Anybody can motivate an audience – what people want is transformation and motivation. With each keynote or training session, the goal is to enrich lives, move people, teams and organizations forward in the right direction with the knowledge of how to do so. Audiences leave inspired with a vision while being armed with tools to act immediately.
You want to hear her story, learn how to build your personal and company brand and all that comes with it.


All of the topics on the corporate or individual pages are keynote and employee training topics. Some of our most requested topics are below!

All things brand

– Brand Leadership: How to build a rock-solid brand
– Brand building isn’t only for the big guys
– How to establish your value and differentiating factor in the market


– Do you have what it takes?
– How to build and share your story authentically
– Grit, determination and legacy
– How to build strong brand and grow your company
– Brand entrepreneur

Personal branding in the new media landscape

– Don’t share your story the right way and lose
– Social media strategy for sharing your brand whether you’re an executive or entrepreneur
– Company ME, Inc.

Branding in the digital age

– Social media strategy – Are you prepared or are you hoping for the best?
– Using video blogging to maximize personal and business brand awareness

Corporate branding

– Brand cohesion
– Culture + brand fusion
– Social media strategy
– Marketing means constant and never-ending improvement – don’t rely on old strategies
– Employee + brand messaging

Personal Branding

– Personal branding in the new media landscape
– Personal marketing plans – build one or fail
– What is a personal brand – why and how you need to manage yours

Communication + Emotional Intelligence

– Emotional intelligence – grow this muscle or fail
– Tough conversations – you MUST have them
– Radical candor – what is it and how to create it

All things leadership

– Are you really a leader? Really? Who is following you?
– Leadership is influence – if you think it’s anything else, you’re failing

At MODA, brand is our purpose

We exist to transform lives of individual clients. Ignite engagement within companies. Excite customers. Power Growth. Increase value.