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…When He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold.

—Job 23:10

No matter what you’ve endured, where you come from, or what you may think, your story is worth sharing with the world. If you’re a business professional, it’s even more important that you recognize its value in your work. Your story is the core of who you are and why you do what you do – the goal is to build an unstoppable personal brand.

How are you going to share your story? In a world that tries to separate personal passion from professional drive, how do you demonstrate that your brand doesn’t represent you, it is you?

In Forged by Fire, brand consultant Mila Grigg takes you step-by-step through crafting a personal brand based on core values, discovered purpose, and the incomparable experience that separates you from everyone else. Mila’s own story is one of fortitude and redemption, of building an unshakeable foundation amidst adversity and rising above it to be better than ever. She shares the painful and inspirational parts of her journey along with a proven framework for navigating hardship and utilizing it for personal—and professional—growth. This book is your brand bible and ultimate resource for showing the world what you’re made of.


Talk about excited! I must admit that releasing a book is equally terrifying and thrilling…

In this book, my prayer, hope and goal for every reader is to see that they have immense value, were created with a purpose, and believe that anything is possible when they focus on sharing who they authentically are with the world.

I've been teaching brand, personal and corporate, for so many years – – – and this is the book that brings it all together. Every seminar, every coaching session, every client, and my own story about my personal brand being forged through a very hard trial – this is the how to build a personal brand bible…each chapter is meant to build off of the previous chapter, brick by brick.

Communication, leadership, emotional intelligence, reading a room, self-awareness, brand values, image, presentation, storytelling, purpose, social, leadership and more – all pieces of a strong Personal Brand!


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Table of Contents below!

Part One: Brand DNA
1. The Spark: You’re One in a Billion!
2. The Fuel: Curate the Experience

3. The Fire: Characteristics of Great Brands
4. The Heat: Get Ready for Opportunity!

Part Two: Brand Purpose
5. The Spark: Your WHY is Why You’re Here
6. The Fuel: Why Your WHY Matters

7. The Fire: The Why of Great Leaders
8. The Heat: Finding Your Why

Part Three: Brand Values
9. The Spark: Getting Down to the Very Core
10. The Fuel: Why Your Core Values Matter

11. The Fire: The Core of Corporations
12. The Heat: Defining Your Core Values

Part Four: Brand Stories
13. The Spark: What’s Your Story?
14. The Fuel: Storytelling Isn’t Bragging

15. The Fire: The Great Communicator
16. The Heat: Discover Your Stories!

Part Five: Brand Leader
17. The Spark: Yes, You ARE a Leader
18. The Fuel: Leaders Are Confident

19. The Fire: Kindness Breeds Loyalty
20. The Heat: Leveling Up Your Leadership

Part Six: Brand Awareness
21. The Spark: Can You Read the Signals?
22. The Fuel: Developing Self-Awareness

23. The Fire: Stats Don’t Lie
24. The Heat: Staying Connected

Part Seven: Brand Mirror
25. The Spark: Putting Your Best Look Forward
26. The Fuel: Create Trust—Don’t Crush It

27. The Fire: Looking Good at Any Price Point
28. The Heat: Show Them Who You Are

Part Eight: Brand Social
29. The Spark: Social Media is Not a Choice
30. The Fuel: Get Engaged
31. The Fire: The Basics of Posting
32. The Heat: Climbing the Social Ladder

Mila Grigg is the founder and CEO of MODA, one of the most recognized branding groups in the United States. With twenty years in the field, Mila’s expertise in building personal brands, growing leadership equity, and crafting marketing and social media strategies comes from her own experience, rather than opinion or observation. From executives at Fortune 100s to first-time entrepreneurs, Mila has helped leaders with various backgrounds and organizations of all sizes create, communicate, and profit from their brands.

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