Marketing + Social Media Consulting

Impact engagement.

The market is crowded, and with the current state of communication, businesses and corporations alike are being left behind wondering why they aren’t able to connect with and engage with their target audiences. Whether you’re sharing value or selling products and services – a marketing plan doesn’t look like it used to. Marketing, communications and social media must all fall under the umbrella of brand first as the filter for all plans – and all three plans need to be thoroughly connected and share the same message at the right time with the right audience.

For some, this has been likened to rocket science. Without the right marketing strategies in place, failure will come. Even worse, some businesses are still in the horse and buggy industry while getting crushed by the automobile. Social media is here to stay, and if you are a business or organization of any kind that wants to be heard in the world, refocusing on the content you put out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, and whatever else has the market’s attention at the time, is critical to success.


We often partner, work with and/or train your current marketing/PR/communications teams to ensure all objectives and strategies are consistent. We often coach marketing professionals who are already a part of the current company teams to ensure they are well equipped for competition in the digital and social media age. AI is here – are you ready?

Don’t be stuck with the buggy while the car passes you by. We aren’t writing cave walls anymore either – your phone is now the tv and the tv is the radio – your plans should be updated constantly.

At MODA, brand is our purpose

We exist to transform lives of individual clients. Ignite engagement within companies. Excite customers. Power Growth. Increase value.