Discovery + Brand Audit

Discover weaknesses. Clarify goals. Build your future.

Associations, companies and corporations cannot afford to take their eyes off brand. Businesses can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing, social media, communications, PR and content creation, but all of that is futile without a solid brand strategy. Brand drives everything – both internal and external decisions. The true health of any brand is centered on how well it is connected and engaged to its audience. Brands who achieve success have a well strategized, effectively messaged, integrated approach to everything they do across all touch points and platforms.

Why is this so important —

because if you do not know who you are or why you do what you do, you cannot expect others to care about your brand, products and services. At some point, strategy strays off course and messaging is fragmented and inconsistent. This results in consumers being confused, losing interest, and eventually jumping ship to the competitor.

Brand audits review all employee interactions and personal brand awareness, customer brand awareness, websites, social sites, marketing collateral, advertising, and all communication channels for its presentation, content, messaging, consistency and effectiveness.

Areas of review:

  • Brand Purpose
  • Brand Positioning
  • Value Proposition
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Essence
  • Brand Personality
  • Message Architecture
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Platform
  • Brand Assets

Internal and External Touchpoints Review

  • Internal communications – employee engagement, education, advocacy materials and campaigns
  • Customer experience – every single internal and external communication strategy, all communication channels and touchpoints (Online and off)
  • Brand voice

Brand Audit Results:

  • Emphasize importance of brand management efforts across the entire organization.
  • Improve internal staff brand awareness, loyalty and buy-in.
  • Expand communication of the brand – online and offline.
  • Provide management and insight into all elements that brand touches, including the structure of your business and the portfolio of your brand.
  • Refocus executives by evaluating the position of your brand in the market.
  • Ensure the security of your brand.
  • Direct the future of your brand.
  • Elevate and focus brand strategy.

At MODA, brand is our purpose

We exist to transform lives of individual clients. Ignite engagement within companies. Excite customers. Power Growth. Increase value.