MODA did not just happen – it was built over time.

The team at MODA does not talk about the hypothetical; we share from authentic life experiences.

MODA is serving companies in the ranks of the Fortune 100 to 500 listings, private practices, associations, universities, start-ups and private companies. Whether advising and consulting with professional firms, executive suites or helping senior executives find their corporate dream jobs, MODA was built on the foundation that brand drives everything.

MODA helps individuals and companies to share who they are, and why they do what they do, in a way that allows the public to see their unique individual and corporate value.

We strive to do everything with sincere excellence. Our clients deserve our best, and each day we work tirelessly to give them the results they deserve.

Faith is the foundation for all that we do. Each of us believe our purpose is helping individuals and companies to be their best. Our faith is cemented in knowing that we were created by God for a purpose – and this is something we never forget. What we do is so much more than branding – we help people to achieve and live their very purpose in life.
Nothing matters more to our founder and CEO. Mila believes that integrity is the bedrock to all that we do and who we are. Our culture of integrity is formed from the top down, and we believe that this is the most important part of our experience. Integrity when tested stands strong.
We know that brand drives everything and because of that we provide people and companies with the direction and ability to reach their ultimate goals. Our passion drives us to find ways to help and serve all those who entrust us to lead them, their employees and their companies. We lead by example, and help create a winning culture that becomes contagious.


I have a foundational belief that every single human being has immense value and was created with a great purpose. After 20 years of coaching and consulting, I am certain that many of us are not living up to the very purpose for which we were created. MODA began as a way for me to help people reach their goals through branding and image – this turned into helping companies to succeed along with the people inside of them. I would not have thought in a thousand years that we would have grown the way we have with brand being the unifier in all that we do. I absolutely hate it when people are missed for promotions, and companies lose because of poor messaging and brand strength. All of these pitfalls can be avoided.

Brand, leadership and service is why I get up every day. These tenets are why I work as hard as I do, and it is why I continue to push for growth and excellence from myself, my team and our clients. While the company and services we provide has grown, my heart to help people and companies to be their best has not changed. I am humbled and endlessly grateful to be able to serve individuals and companies – the experience my team has garnered through decades of doing the work is unlike any other company I have seen or followed.

We believe
Brand Drives Everything.

People. Purpose. Companies. Legacy.

Mila Grigg, CEO

Strong brands, like influential leaders, are built

they don’t simply happen.