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MODA is the national leader in brand training, brand development, marketing, social media strategy consulting, brand storytelling, communication training, executive coaching and leadership development. We have served the interest of Fortune 500 companies, educational and healthcare institutions, service companies, associations, small businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world. They choose us because we know that ‘Brand Drives Everything.’ Through that foundational value we develop leadership teams, educate employee groups and help businesses and individuals create, communicate and profit from their brands.

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My book takes you step-by-step through crafting a personal brand based on core values, discovered purpose, and the incomparable experience that separates you from everyone else. Resources, stories and immediate action steps.


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Brand Drives Everything

MODA is the only company in the United States that is able to integrate corporate brand development, personal brand, leadership, marketing + social media strategy, sales, image, internal and external communication, non-verbal communication, emotional intelligence, brand storytelling, the ‘why’ exercises, professional etiquette, executive presence and image into training seminars, consulting projects and 1:1 coaching that benefit both the company and its employees.

All of our training and seminars can be in-person or virtual. Your employees can opt-in to sessions, large training initiatives and coaching from anywhere in the world.

Personal Brand Development

You. Are. Your. Brand. And. Your. Product. 
Do you know who you really are? Better yet, do you know who others think you are? We help you share your story – authentically – in a way that encourages others to pay attention. Strong personal brands create more opportunity than you could have ever dreamed of. You have a gift that nobody else has – don’t allow yourself to be hidden because you haven’t taken the time to build a personal brand.

Employee Training

People are your greatest asset. When you grow your people, your brand strength grows. Training creates confidence, draws out the unique value of each employee, builds personal brands, increases loyalty, bolsters productivity, improves morale, supports a growth mindset and allows your company to crush your competition while serving your clients and community.

Marketing + Social Media Strategy

Marketing experts should always be learning – tools and strategies in social media and communication change daily. We consult with, and train your executives and teams, to ensure they are working to achieve results in the marketing and social media world of 2020. If you are not doubling down in the social marketing world, odds are you will not exist in 10 years or less.

Culture Training

What is the culture of your company? How do you encourage your employees to actively engage in your culture in a positive way versus destroying it? Leaders identify core values and use them to form a culture of success. Our training ensures that each value is fused into every action and business decision. This solidifies your brand and improves internal and external culture.

Image Consulting

People evaluate your competence and trustworthiness in the first quarter of a second of laying an eye you based solely on how you look. This isn’t about changing how you were created – it is about helping you to be your best each day. We turn your image and visual statement into a relationship and sales tool.

Brand Storytelling

Don’t make statements. Tell stories. Individuals and corporations alike are all stories in progress, and they need to be able to share their story – versus trying to sell a product or a skill based on facts and data alone. When a brand shares a story the right way, it creates an emotional connection increasing brand loyalty and profits.

Emotional Intelligence

This is the difference-maker for every company. A command of EI is a proven differentiator in the competitive climb up the corporate ladder and can account for nearly 90 percent of what moves people up the ladder when IQ and technical skills are roughly similar. The good news is that this is a muscle you can grow with training and coaching.

Executive + Leadership Coaching

True leadership requires constant change. Most people lead by title and position – the lowest level of leadership. The stagnant leadership model of years past has disappeared. We teach leaders how to adapt and grow, lead via experience, share a story, influence those around them, inspire culture and build brand and community.

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