Monday, 15 January 2018

“I don’t ever give up. I’d have to be dead or completely incapacitated.” – Elon Musk

Whether you like Elon or not doesn't matter - he knows his why and so should you. Why does he cry? PASSION. People with passion thrive, keep going failure after failure, take the hard knocks and always get back up. Be inspired. Then get the training.

Don’t believe me? Let Elon tell you more.

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Too many of us stop right before we make it. Why do some people keep working through the trials and tough times while others give up? THEIR WHY. Your purpose. Your brand. Who are you? Why are you here? Why do you get out of bed in the morning and have you shared that ‘why’ with others? Your brand statement to the world is…what?

I love a great entrepreneurial story. If Elon Musk can shed a tear, so can you. Guts, grit, determination and hard work mean nothing if you don’t know why you do what you do or why you are reaching for a certain outcome. Brand, personal or corporate, starts with knowing your purpose – your why. Companies are losing millennials left and right because they are focused on work output, rather than sharing the purpose for why they are there. Companies forget that people need a purpose, something to get excited about, something to keep everyone on the same page. I have called this a brand filter for years. Why does one team in a company flourish while another doesn’t? They know their why – but eventually, the whole company will fail unless ALL teams have a common why…even when there are multiple brands under one umbrella. People don’t go to work to type, or to set appointments or even to make money as an end goal – they go to fulfill a purpose.

Please please believe me. Person, business or corporation: If you don’t know your why, if you don't know your brand, you are going to fail. It will happen…if you think are doing well, could you (or your employees) be doing better? Have you hit excellence yet? Building personal brands under the corporate umbrella is a must. Building a corporate brand on the foundation of purpose (why) is a must. Both must happen for any company to thrive. Eventually, the economy will tank – the A’s will win (those with the why and brand to back it up), the rest won’t.

I live my why daily – life’s trials have been tough, entrepreneurship is a 24/7 business and takes more than a want for financial success…I must know my why when I’m tired, when I think I’ve lost something or when I’m hit in the face by a failure. Your teams, your employees must have more to cling to than just work – when is the last time you inspired your employees to be their best? Anyone can work – but when you have your why, you and the company thrive…if not, be ready to be demolished when the economy turns.

You have teams that can’t communicate with each other? You have employees that have barriers to working with each other? Trust is an issue? Your leadership team is out for themselves? All stems from the same issue. You have no filter – no accountability for how to communicate…This is all fixed with brand and why training. EVERY EMPLOYEE IN YOUR COMPANY SHOULD BE ABLE TO STATE THEY WHY, BRAND AND PURPOSE FOR THE VERY EXISTENCE OF YOUR COMPANY AND DO IT PASSIONATELY.

Build your brand. Share the story. Preach the why. Get your teams on board. Ensure your employees are building their personal brands and give them the tools to share their whys as well as your corporate or business why story. If you are failing, aren’t growing or haven’t prepared for changes/shifts in the economy…start today.

MODA Image and Brand Consulting is the only company in the United States that is able to integrate corporate brand, personal brand, leadership, marketing, sales, image, internal and external communication, non-verbal communication, emotional intelligence, brand storytelling, the ‘why’ exercises, professional etiquette, executive presence and fashion into training seminars and 1:1 coaching that benefit both the company and its employees.

Email or call 615.656.4279 for more information about individual or corporate services.

Posted on 01/15/2018 2:35 PM by Mila Grigg | CEO
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