Image Fashion Style

Fashion styling without Brand direction is useless,
and a waste of your money and time

MODA Image and Brand Consulting is so much more than a company of stylists; we are not simply personal shoppers and we do not develop fancy slogans. We understand branding. With each client we develop a brand that represents the core values and unique gifts of each of our clients and finally, the value of the right image.

We are experts at creating an image that reflects words such as success, exciting, valuable, integrity and professional. We turn the visual message of an individual into a picture that shares their unique talents, skills, desires and goals before they've ever said a word. People can spend tens of thousands of dollars purchasing clothing, changing their bodies and creating wardrobes all in an effort to stand out in the crowd and feel special while reflecting their desire to be seen as unique and special. Sadly, time and money are wasted if they do not know what their visual image or Personal Brand communicates to the world and those around them.

We can help you develop greater confidence, share ideas and concepts that bring immediate value to your life, and most of all, we will help you get more out of each moment!

People spend tens of thousands of dollars purchasing clothing, changing their bodies and creating wardrobes all in an effort to stand out in the crowd while reflecting their desire to be seen as unique and special. Sadly, money is wasted if they do not know what their image or Personal Brand communicate to the world and those around them. A typical personal shopper or wardrobe consultant does just that; shop...and shop without an understanding of brand. Just because something looks good on and fits does not mean that it represents who you are resulting in missed opportunities and relationships.

We are the only company who understands the very purpose for which you were created and helps to show the world exactly who you are. Fashion is the easy part for the MODA team...the differentiator is our ability to dig deeper. We care about you, your family, your goals and help you to represent your unique gifts through the image we create.

MODA Image and Brand Consulting goes much further than just shopping by helping individuals to determine and display their Personal Brand, and then represent that Brand through their image using the proper fashion. Your image and wardrobe should be working for you, not against you. It should communicate to the world who you are when people see you, hear you or read something you have written. Big or small, short or tall, your Personal Brand is the goal for the MODA team in order to show the world why you are so special. 

After ten years our fashion division continues to expand in order to meet all of your needs. Whether you are a stay at home mom, executive or just need an image upgrade, we are here for you! We have new team members joining MODA in order to help you with your unique needs.


Shopping, closet consultations and fashion are useless if we have not helped you to discern your Personal Brand. This entire process would be a waste of time and money if we did not take the time to know you, discover your gifts and understand your goals. You were created for a purpose - we understand that purpose and help to create an image that fully represents your capabilities and uniqueness rather than to simply style you in pieces that help you to look like a walking mannequin.


Typically, we begin in your closet. Success begins in the closet each day! Whether you are an executive or a homemaker, nothing is as important as your Personal Brand and beginning each day with a renewed confidence.!

  • On-site or Skype closet analysis
  • Evaluate each piece in your closet including accessories, shoes or anything that your wear and carry
  • Discern which pieces to purge or donate, which to keep and/or tailor
  • Assess your personal color palette based on hair, skin and eye colors
  • Determine if the remaining pieces represent your Personal Brand


  • Reinvent & refresh your own pieces
  • Use existing pieces to create new looks
  • Create a style look book that increases confidence and helps you reach success daily
  • Maximize your strengths and God given talents


This step will consist of a shopping and style session.

  • We shop for you and gather the clothing and accessories you need. All you need to do is meet us in a designated location to begin to change your life.
  • We show you how to incorporate specific new pieces into your current wardrobe to create a cohesive message and image.
  • Your confidence immediately surges because you know which styles are best for your body shape, age, lifestyle, personality and Personal and Professional Brand.
  • Learn the fashion keys to your unique Personal and Professional Brand. No two people are made alike and should not dress alike!
  • We will create a comprehensive and versatile wardrobe that sends a consistent message regardless of the occasion.
  • We will continue to create your personalized style look book. We have been perfecting this process for over a decade and it is one key to success. This will ensure no future mistakes are made and that you are utilizing your entire wardrobe. 

Note: No two people are alike or have the same needs and goals. All services can be customized to maximize your investment in order to create lasting inner change that is more than just a visual upgrade.