Brand Guide

Brand Guidelines Manual

Want to quickly separate from your perceived competition? The Brand Manual is the only answer.

The creation of a brand guidelines manual ensures that you brand is being consistently communicated through each interaction. Brand guides are essential for properly training new employees while refreshing current employees and managers on the topics we cover in the initial training. Great leaders know the value of modeling and mentoring their values and Brand. The Brand Manual is one of the best tools used in leadership development and creating lasting positive results.

Most employees read about a company brand but have no idea what that means for them personally, professionally and on a daily basis while interacting with one another, the community and clients. Our brand guides help to take the brand from something they must read, to something they want to be a part of. This is where we turn brand into action by adding value to the company and breathing life into the logo through each employee. We are the only company that is able to build a manual that guides employee interaction, fashion, networking, etiquette, tone of voice, sales, demeanor, communication, attitude, preparation and overall image in accordance with the brand attributes.

The manual can be updated with new additions based upon needs, changes and feedback. These training manuals can be taken to multiple locations and used as continued training guides for months and years to come with minor updates along the way. MODA Image and Brand Consulting ensures employee brand success. Our experience allows us to train all levels of staff on brand, brand image and all communication with colleagues, prospects and residents under the corporate brand umbrella.

Branding manuals are created to be shared with internal audiences (management, board, staff training) to ensure that the corporate brand guidelines are being met.

We would take the corporate brand that you have created and show each employee what it means for them.

  • Being able to clearly define the company brand attributes will help all employees to communicate one message consistently, to better understand their role in the company, and show them how they are vital to the overall success of the business. This will also help managers to continue training and use the Brand Attributes as a foundation for all corrections and suggestions.
  • Brand Attributes become the invisible trainer
  • The manual would eliminate questions and create consistency in all communication, image and professional etiquette (Inner and outer office)
  • The goal is to simplify and clarify ongoing training for current employees and new hires

The manual can be updated as needed and sent to all employees as issues arise and conditions change. This manual would also allow for scripts and ideas to be put into place that allow employees to concisely describe and differentiate the brand when asked about it.