Brand Coaching


C-Suite and Emerging Leader Coaching

Developing and knowing a Personal Brand is essential to one’s growth as a leader and maturity as a human being. Each employee is a living breathing part of the very products or services a company sells. In the case of building a Personal Brand, our belief that “Brand Drives Everything” is not only true, but essential. MODA begins all of our training with brand as the leading driver. 

In a visual world where public perception is easily swayed by opinions and social media, it is vital for company management to recognize that everyone has a Personal and Professional Brand. The Personal and Professional Brand of each employee is a reflection of the company they work with, as well as their personal character and how it is mirrored at work and away from work. Corporate Brand, Professional and Personal Brand, and your ability to communicate them are the keys to success in every business, every institution, and every relationship. 


Companies need to know and share the value that each employee brings to the table. Your company exists for the benefit of the shareholders, the customers, the employee and the community. Many times, opportunities are missed because the Personal Brand of an employee does not share who they are, their unique gifts, talents, value and most of all, purpose.  

Highly successful companies know that the most influential brand touch points are the people responsible for delivering the entire brand experience within and outside of the company. Being able to clearly define the company brand helps all employees to communicate one message consistently, to better understand their role in the company, and how they play a vitally important part in the overall success of the business. 

Employees are the most valuable asset in any business...Are they producing the best return for you? Is your C-Suite leading them or telling them?

  • You have invested in marketing your corporate brand, products and services. Have you included your employees in these efforts?
  • How much does your company spend every year communicating its brand and services to the public?
  • How many employees do you have in the public eye each day? What image do they present for your company to the buying public?
"I have spent the last 12 years working with individuals and corporations of all sizes on their ˜Brand.'  From Fortune 100 organizations to one person operations, many of them incorrectly identify their Brand as a nice logo, their products, their marketing programs or even their mission statement. These items are not Brand.  Understanding, identifying and communicating your Brand is everything to your business success. If you, your employees, your customers or your potential customers cannot quickly identify your Brand, then your success will be fleeting and mediocrity is on the horizon."
Mila Grigg, CEO, MODA Image and Brand Consulting

MODA Image and Brand Consulting will increase the return from your greatest asset. In the real world of organization, as the C-Suite leadership goes, so goes the company or organization they lead. A weak C-Suite means a weakened organization. This can mean billions, not millions of dollars in lost value and opportunity. MODA will work in the strictest of confidence with any C-Suite executive or executive team on an individual or group basis to discuss the importance of brand, image and how their first impressions can be improved with a few changes. People and leaders that came before you have invested a great deal in building a reputation and brand awareness, and now you it is your responsibility to increase the value even further. MODA gives the C- Suite the skills and information they need to lead your company and themselves. You cannot lead others until you can first lead yourself.


They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. It is important to evaluate the picture that you use for your business or social media networking. Is your picture telling your customers, shareholders, potential clients, colleagues, media and others the right words about who you are and what you represent?

MODA is ready to give your greatest asset an advantage over their competitors. In today's market, you have the ability to give your people the tools they need to create and maintain a strong, consistent brand. 

The right corporate image is not a photo shoot at glamour shots or one done in your backyard with clothing picked out by stylists who have no concept of brand recognition. All pictures tell an important story. MODA has helped corporations and individuals ensure that the pictures they use are representing the correct Personal and Professional Brand. MODA can help you to develop the right image and picture for use on book covers, corporate profile head shots, marketing materials and much more. Successful companies and individuals pay attention to the details. Some will say success is luck. We believe that success is accurately representing your BRAND to the watching world.  Allow MODA to help turn your image into one that makes the statement you want it to make.