Brand Audit

The Brand Audit

The true health of any brand is solely based on how well it is connected and engaged to its audience. Brands who achieve success have a well strategized, effectively messaged, integrated approach to everything they do across all touch points and platforms. Why is this so important — because if you do not know who you are, how can you expect others to care about your brand, products and services. Brand audits are essential in the life of all brands. At some point, strategy strays off course and messaging is fragmented and inconsistent. This results in consumers being confused, losing interest, and eventually jumping ship to the competitor.

We have developed a simple process that helps organizations and companies to discern and communicate their unique brand voice in every action they take. The brand audit will review all employee interactions and personal brand awareness, customer brand awareness, website, social sites, marketing collateral, advertising, and all communication channels will be reviewed for its presentation, content, messaging, and effectiveness. We help companies, organizations, and schools to place brand at the center of their mission while helping employees to communicate that same brand in each interaction. Brand is the genuine heart and soul of every operating entity in the world today, and companies must ensure that the brand is created, consistent in all actions and communicated to all who need to know.

Your company brand is everything you do, say and stand for. Your brand is the entire experience your prospects, community and customers have with your company. It is the promise you make, and the personality you convey. While it does include your logo, color palette and slogan - those are only creative elements that help to communicate your brand message.

The product will be a brand audit report with assessment results and recommendations. The goal is to establish a solid brand strategy, effective messaging, and visual elements that will connect and engage the brand’s core audience.