Corporate success is determined by one thing, and one thing only...
Your Corporate Brand

What is your Corporate Brand? What message does it send? Do your employees understand and communicate the brand essence in all that they do? You can build an empire for a short period of time, but a great brand means you create a corporate legacy that has changed the world.

We advise large and small companies, entrepreneurs and professionals on their internal leadership training, brand strategy, brand recognition and brand transfusion. We provide direction on discerning brand attributes for both companies and individuals. We integrate a corporate brand message and the personal brand of all employees, into a cohesive statement that enhances their current brand and marketing programs internally and externally.

This includes leadership development, brand marketing, brand audits, social media strategy, image, presence, verbal and non-verbal communication, professional etiquette and anything visual. Each employee, from the CEO to the janitor, must know what the brand of the company is that they work for, and breathe that brand into all they do.

Brand Identity

Corporate Brand is not defined by a special logo, unique products, services, attitudes within the business or expensive marketing programs. Brand is the combination of all those items and more. Brand is the foundation of your business; it is the guiding force behind all decisions and the truths upon which your business operates. MODA Image and Brand Consulting can help you identify your unique brand attributes, work with executives, advertisers and marketers, turning your brand into a collective conscious that inevitably increases profits and corporate stability. You can have 10,000 employees or just one employee, but Brand Drives Everything.

Employee | Associate Brand Training

We train your employees to understand and breathe your Brand Essence into all that they do. This requires specific direction and initiatives. If your employees do not understand your Brand Attributes and Brand Message, they will fail to communicate them and deliver a consistent message to one another and the watching world. Learn more here


  • What do you want people to think and feel when they hear your company name, see your employees or experience your products?
  • Can your executive team articulate your brand in a cohesive manner that does not create confusion in communication?
  • Does your customer base know your brand, and better yet, does the public?
  • Do you and/or your colleagues represent, reflect and complement the company brand at every level and in every interaction?
  • Social media, marketing, management and even office design should communicate your brand. Is your Brand message consistent across all platforms?

If you cannot confidently answer YES to these questions, you are losing market share, losing money and failing in your mission.

MODA Image and Brand Consulting can help you address and answer these questions. We can work internally or externally within your business operations. We do more than consult; we create measurable results. It is vital for your advisers and your team to be able to clearly articulate your brand across all platforms, or they are leaving you at a disadvantage.

Below are a few of the services we provide.

Brand Training

Turning every employee into a brand ambassador - Ensuring your corporate brand is priority #1.

Brand Audit

Empowering companies to properly evaluate their brand strength and strategies. Providing solutions for energizing or creating current brand programs.

Brand Coaching

Companies now sell a brand more than a product. Great brands are built from the top down. C-Suite and emerging leader brand training is a must for all positions of leadership.

Brand Guide

Developing a brand road map for employees, vendors, the public and the media in order to share the very values that make your brand your greatest asset. Using the brand guide as a filter for all actions ensures brand relevancy and growth.