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We work with men, women, small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, firms of all types and associations across the country, helping each to identify and effectively communicate their 'Personal and Professional Brand®'

A first impression is made in a quarter of a second.  Without even realizing it, you may be sabotaging your future.  If you are like most people today, you do not have the time to ensure you are properly communicating who you are to the watching world.  Success for individuals and corporations begins with first impressions.  MODA turns first impressions into better relationships and a better you!


People spend tens of thousands of dollars purchasing clothing, changing their bodies and creating wardrobes all in an effort to stand out in the crowd while reflecting their desire to be seen as unique and special.  Sadly, money is wasted if they do not know what their image or 'Personal Brand' communicate to the world and those around them.  A typical personal shopper or wardrobe consultant does just that; shop.  MODA Image and Brand Consulting goes much further by helping individuals to determine and display their 'Personal Brand,' and then represent that Brand through their image using the proper fashion.  Your image and wardrobe should be working for you, not against you.  It should communicate to the world who you are when people SEE you.  Please click here to visit our Individual Services page to learn more about what we offer to individuals.

Corporations spend millions trying to create a visual Brand which they hope prompts individuals or other businesses to purchase their products or services.  Corporations also waste millions if they do not understand their 'Professional Brand' and how each employee should properly represent that Brand. Logos, tag lines and marketing material are not a company Brand.  In a world where image is deemed to be everything, the wrong image can cost a company millions.  We ensure that each employee understands the corporate or small business Brand and will educate them on what that Brand looks like, acts like and sounds like.  Please visit our Corporate Services page for more information.

In a world where image is deemed to be everything, the wrong image can cost a company millions and can cost an individual a career or a chance at personal success.  MODA Image and Brand Consulting is so much more than a company of stylists; we are not simply personal shoppers and we do not develop fancy slogans.  We understand branding and the value of image.  We are experts at creating an image that reflects words such as success, exciting, valuable, integrity and even romantic.  We grasp key corporate terms including communication, quality and profit and we can turn an individual's visual message into a picture that shares their unique talents, skills, desires and goals before they've ever said a word. 

No one and no company turns image into a "Personal and Professional Brand" like MODA Image and Brand Consulting does.  No one turns a closet and a wardrobe into a new you like MODA does, and no company helps businesses and professionals share their Brand through their people like MODA Image and Brand Consulting.  Success occurs when preparations meets opportunity.  MODA Image Consulting creates more opportunities for our clients while helping them be prepared for them when they occur.  MODA helps create success at all levels for our individual and corporate clients.  There is only one MODA Image and Brand Consulting and only one true MODA experience.  We invite you to review our site and call or email us to arrange a complimentary consultation.


"It does not matter what we wear or the image we portray if our soul is separated from the eternal God who created us.  All great personal imaging truly begins on the inside and it is that inner strength and magnificence that is reflected in the UNIQUE style we choose and the image we construct...This is what makes MODA different - we care more about 'you,' and how we can enhance your life!" - Mila, CEO


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